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African-american Architects

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Since the end of the Civil War, African-American architects have been responsible for creating houses, schools, research institutes, and other significant buildings throughout the United States. The Widener Library at Harvard University, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and Tuskegee Institute's Butler Chapel are just a few examples of prominent buildings designed by African Americans. But even though many of the structures they helped create survive to this day, most of these architects remain virtually unknown.
This unique reference source brings the lives and work of these pioneers to light for the first time. Written by over 100 experts, ranging from archivists to architectural historians, this book chronicles African-American architects from the era of Emancipation to the end of World War II, filling a key gap in existing scholarship.
The number of architects and the scope of their accomplishments will surprise and fascinate readers. Some 160 illustrated A-Z entries include biographical essays as well as commentary on the work of each architect, offering a wealth of information about their lives, their buildings, and the obstacles many had to overcome. Articles provide insight on the history of architectural education at traditionally black colleges and universities, such as Tuskegee Institute, Howard University, Hampton Institute, Florida A&M, and Prairie View A&M. The book features a helpful introductory overview of African Americans in domestic architecture, and an appendix containing a list of buildings by geographical location and architect makes for a handy reference tool
Practical and accessible, this singular work is essential for any library collection serving scholars and students of African-American history, architectural history, and American history in general.

African-american Newspapers And Periodicals

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"We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us." These words are from the front page of "Freedom's Journal," the first African-American newspaper published in the United States, in 1827, a milestone event in the history of an oppressed people. From then on a prodigious and hitherto almost unknown cascade of newspapers, magazines, letters, and other literary, historical, and popular writing poured from presses chronicling black life in America.

The authentic voice of African-American culture is captured in this first comprehensive guide to a treasure trove of writings by and for a people, as found in sources in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. This bibliography of over 6,000 entries is the indispensable guide to the stories of slavery, freedom, Jim Crow, segregation, liberation, struggle, and triumph.

Besides describing many new discoveries--from church documents to early civil rights ephemera, from school records to single-mother newsletters, from artists' journals to labor publications--this work informs researchers where and how to find them (for example, through online databases, microfilm, or traditional catalogs).

Authentic And Traditional Pierogi Recipes

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Polish Dumpling Perfection... Pierogi Pierogi have been shared over the dinner table in Poland and other Slavic countries since the Middle Ages. In fact, it has been a part of the staple diet since this time. Back in those times Pierogi were only consumed by farmers and the poor, until one day someone of higher status tried one and fell in love at first bite! Today we are thankful because so many centuries of trial and error in Pierogi recipes have passed. Today Pierogi are loved all over the world! Now I want to share a wide variety of recipes with you, some dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many modern twists and variations to Pierogi, however my aim is to provide you with traditional and authentic recipes. Each and every recipe is easy to follow and can be simply recreated at home. You will also learn how to master making the Pierogi dough (Which is the most important part of Pierogies) You will also discover, Its not really that scary and hard! All recipes in this book were given the tick of approval from my 89-year-old grandmother (Babcia.) If you are ready to make Pierogi the Traditional and Authentic way, please scroll up and click the "buy me" now button.

A Sourcebook On African-american Performance

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A Sourcebook on African-American Performance is the first volume to consider African-American performance between and beyond the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and the New Black Renaissance of the 1990s.
As with all titles in the Worlds of Performance series, the Sourcebook consists of classic texts as well as newly commissioned pieces by notable scholars, writers and performers. It includes the plays 'Sally's Rape' by Robbie McCauley and 'The American Play' by Suzan-Lori Parks, and comes complete with a substantial, historical introduction by Annemarie Bean.
Articles, essays, manifestos and interviews included cover topics such as:
* theatre on the professional, revolutionary and college stages
* concert dance
* community activism
* step shows
* performance art.
Contributors include Annemarie Bean, Ed Bullins, Barbara Lewis, John O'Neal, Glenda Dickersun, James V. Hatch, Warren Budine Jr. and Eugene Nesmith.


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Concert Dance Performance Dance Latin Rhythm
Swing Dance Traditional Jazz Traditional African-American Ballroom dance
Classical Indian dance Dancehall dance Experimental Freestyle
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